Can we fix it?? YES we can!!

The best day ever!! Their is a TON of construction work going on right outside our little home. At first, I was really annoyed with the noise, the smell, the noise, the traffic delay, the noise..you get the point. Anyway, one morning, I realized that my little guy absolutely LOVES this kind of..um..excitement!! So, what do we do?? Pack up our own little construction truck toys, play orange cones, and head up to the 'hard hat area' to have some fun of our own. We loved it!! (that's right..I did say, "we". What?? It was fun..) Yes, it was cold, and windy..and the noise was still there..but..I got to see exactly how little boys are when it comes to big trucks. And it was amazing!! It was the best day ever for that sweet little worker boy.

Until next time..