This breaks all the rules...

But I love it. I think there's a 'hidden meaning' in this photo. As a mother and wife..I know that I've felt a little 'lost' in my whole role in life. It gets thrown in with the laundry, or washed out with the dishes. Then there comes this one perfect, still moment, where everything fits and makes sense. This is what this photo is for me. This is a photo of me. One of the very few that I have, actually. (How many of you have photos of yourself?? Am I the ONLY one that has hardly any?!?) So in my attempt to get one of me, I found this. I took this during a week where life was just....ashdfljkashdfkashdfash. (Or in other words..'CRAZY!!'). Everything that I so wanted to have control of..was exactly the opposite. All the things I'd been working so hard for, were suddenly very unimportant. And it was hard to face. I call this picture, "Ghost". Not the eerie, spooky kind of Halloween ghost..but the ghost of the girl that I thought I saw when I looked in the mirror, and the girl I now know I see when I look in the mirror. Life has a way of opening your eyes and letting you see the reality of things. With that said..I'm SO glad that I was able to truly see, with my own eyes and heart, that life..with all it's ups and downs..is actually pretty darn amazing. :D

I also want to use this little post to thank all of you who come and check out my blog and leave comments. Your words are powerful to me, and I appreciate the time and effort you give towards me and my work. You are a group of amazing, talented people, who I call friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your inspiration and encouragement. :D

This was a deep post..a more light and cheery one next time, I promise. :D

Until next time..