My example...(change #2)

The 'change' I wanted to attempt was to play. I'm absolutely blown away by your comments and words. I had no idea that so many of you would have the same feelings as I about getting lost in your child's world of play. I think it's so cool the things that you're doing and discovering with your kids. You're all so inspiring..Keep it up ladies. :D

I was able to spend a week at my parents house, and during that week..able to go and do lots of little kid adventures. The play place in my last post, playing outside in the yard, getting shave ice at the sno-cone stand..lots of things that little kids love to do, but that I forget about in my life. I loved it. Not saying it was easy..but it was definitely a lesson for me.

While I was there, I had this moment. A clear moment that really struck me in one of those ''oh yeah.." kind of ways. My son and dad were outside mowing the lawn.

I know..what a simple moment. But there they were. I was taking photos, and then decided to just put the camera down (that's right. Put the camera down. Take a deep breath..inhale...exhale... :D) and watch them. I watched as my dad taught my son how to turn the steering wheel, how to drive slow, how to see what grass has been cut, and what needed to be cut still. I watched as they talked and as they laughed. (here's where the moment comes in..) For the first time, in a long time, I saw my dad for who he is.
For most of my life, I've seen him as 'dad'. But not really as the one who is so wise, and so smart, and so patient, and so kind, and most of all, so loving. For that moment..I wanted to run to him and just thank him for everything he has done for me. (yes..I know..Father's day has past..but it's never too late to thank our dad's right??) And then I knew what I wanted the next change in my life to be...

I want to be more

More wise. More smart. More patient. More kind, and most of all..more loving. I want to be these things to the people that I love, my family. But I also want to be these things for me. Just because I'm a mom who stays at home with the kids doesn't mean I should stop learning new things. Lately, I've let that part just slide. I've gotten too caught up in 'life' to remember that I can still learn and develop new talents and hobbies. I want to learn. From books, from people, from my kids, from everything around me. I want to be patient. I reflect back to my dad and my son on the lawnmower..it didn't matter how many flowers they accidentally drove over..my dad was so patient with my son. I want to be like that. I want to be more kind in my words and my actions. And most of all..I want to be more loving. Loving to my family..and to myself. Why should I be at the bottom of my 'to-do' list? I should be at the top. Take care of me..not in a selfish way..but in a "I'm important" way. If I'm not giving myself 100% ..then I'm probably not giving 100% to anyone else either. (Boy..I have a lot of work to do :D)

So, that's what I noticed. That's what I want my next change to be. Still..working on the playing change..but now, I just want to add another one. :D

Are you in? Are you up for it? What's your next change? What's the next challenge you're going to give yourself? How are you going to get there? What are you going to do to accomplish it? I love this..and I hope you're getting something out of these ramblings of mine.. ;)

Until next time...