Pumpkins, Apples, and Spiders..oh my!!

Well, I think it's clear that the last few sunny days of fall are here. At least in my neighborhood. When we woke up this morning, most of the leaves had fallen off the trees and made a nice carpet of red, crispy leaves on the ground. That was my cue. Today was the day to go to the pumpkin patch! :D I'm not sure what other pumpkin patches are like, but ours was way too fun. There were carnival booths, a scavenger hunt, hayrides through 'haunted forests', food, and lots, and lots of food. (Hey..what event isn't perfect without food??) For the first time in my life, I saw a HUGE pumpkin. No really..this one was huge! It weighed 1,100 pounds!!! (now I don't feel so guilty about my pregnant weight. Hee hee..) Anyway..you can see the excitement on my sons face as I asked him to sit by the pumpkin for a quick photo. ;)

All along the pumpkin patch were these really cute spiders made of long pieces of wood and garbage bags. I'll have to remember this for my yard next year. :D

Finally, it was time to get the pumpkins. That's probably the best part of the whole day..choosing the perfect, orangest, biggest pumpkin ever!! I was just amazed at how many pumpkins there were to choose from. Aye yi yi! I thought we'd be there all day! :D

When we got home, it's tradition to make caramel apples. Let's all take a moment to reflect on the delicious flavor of a caramel apple. Ah yes...one of my favorite fall treats. :D After we unwrapped about a million caramel candies, (and ate just as many :D) we dipped our apples into the melted goo and wah-lah! Caramel Apples. :D

As I went through today, I thought about these traditions we have with our family. The pumpkin patch, the caramel apples..the ghost stories at night. It got me thinking what YOUR family traditions are. What kind of things do you do every year with your family to welcome in the Fall? I'd love to hear about them. :D

Until next time..