Because it's just not going away...

I will post yet another photo of our snowy days here. Actually..this one has a bit of a story behind it. This started off as a innocent little day out in the snow, just playing and making snowballs while the soft snow fell in the afternoon. I was safely on the porch and my little turkey came wandering up with a giant snowball.
him: "Mom! Look what I made! An ice treat!!"
me: "Oh, I bet that's nice and cold and tasty!"
him: "Yes, and it's perfect for throwing at you!!
And before I could lay down the law..the 'ice treat' was sitting nicely on my pants, frozen there, and already starting to soak through. Um. Why. Is this what all little boys are like? Seriously. I love it. I love his personality, but sometimes I have to wonder if I will always be the lady who he throws the ice treats at. And you know what? I've decided that I hope I ALWAYS am that lady. Always..
Enjoy your weekend everyone..
Until next time..