Love at first sight...

And honestly..I don't blame them. :D For a small, very brief moment, I wondered what my other kids would think..having this 'new kid' enter their lives. And I must say, all of my worries quickly washed away when I saw them looking at their new brother for the first time. It absolutely was love at first sight. I couldn't be more happy and proud of my kiddos.

This was the first picture taken at the hospital when the kids were brought in to see their brother. Big Brother got to hold little brother first, and boy was he completely in love! :D

Then it was Big Sister's turn. She is quite the helper, changing diapers, getting clothes, burping little brother, singing to him, and doing LOTS of cuddling. She's a natural mother..

When we got home, Big Brother decided it was his job to 'stand guard' over little brother..just in case he cried. ;) He stood there whispering things like, 'When you wake up, we'll go play Power Rangers, ok?" Too funny!

And finally..some stats.
He was born weighing in at: 9lbs 14 ounces. ALMOST another 10 pounder! (three weeks early too! Sheesh! Have mercy on your mamma! Hee hee)
He was 21 inches long
And the name? Benjamin. (A name I've wanted FOREVER. :D)

Until next time..