This is so them...
I wanted to get a nice, picturesque (?), picture of my kiddos for Father's Day. I thought I had done just that, until I looked closely at the photos. Do you see it? Right there. On their arms. Yes. That's right. TATTOOS! (Is that how you spell that? Seriously..I have never written that word before.) Anyway.. Right there on their little arms are some tattoos! Homemade ones. Perfectly drawn in full view of the camera lens. I could have fixed it with Photoshop..but then it hit me..

...these pictures are perfectly them. This is who they are. The two kids that laugh together, fight together..even draw tattoos together when they know that photographer mom doesn't want them to have it. Now..look again at them. They are happy faces and lightning. (for Lightning McQueen. :D) SO them. So absolutely them. And I wouldn't trade this simple moment for anything.
Treasure the little things you capture, even if by accident.

Until next time..