Alright everyone. I have all the things I need to start blogging again. Whew! What a weird feeling it was to not be able to post for awhile. Glad to be back. :D

So, I've been talking about changes lately. The time is here for change I think. A little background might help. Right before the holidays something strange happened to me. I woke up one morning and couldn't feel the right side of my face. First thought.."Who stole my face?!?" Second thought.."Something is absolutely wrong." After visiting the doctor ALL day, and being sent to another doctor, going through test after test after test, the outcome is this:

I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS for short).

It is a disease that affects the muscles in your body, making them weak, wear down, not perform as they normally would. There is medicine to help slow the progression or make 'flare-ups' lessened, but there is no cure.
No cure.
Wow. So, it's time for change.

I don't write this for pity, but rather to make everyone more aware of this disease. So please don't feel like I'm sitting here eating ice cream and feeling sorry for myself, although, ice cream does sound good right now. :D I think what I'm getting at is that there are choices we make everyday. Everyday. And my daily choice right now is: "What am I going to do to make the next 24 hours matter?"

This is a journey. A new beginning. A change. And you know what? I'm kind of looking forward to it. Isn't it amazing that when you have a road block in your path, you can see what kind of person you will become by the direction you decide to travel? I'm all for road trips, so I say, BRING IT! :D In fact..in April there is an MS Walk here that I signed up for. I'll be walking to raise money to help find a cure for this. I can't wait for April to get here! :D

So, this is a deep post. The kind that I normally wouldn't do. But I wanted you to know of life now. To know that regardless of what stumbles in your day, to keep going. There is always a choice to how you will find your journey. I'm choosing to be positive because I have 3 little kiddos that are depending on me to grow old with them, and run with them, and play in blanket forts with them. MS can eventually take all that away from me, but for today, I'm still here, still moving, still chugging along. In a way, you are all on this journey with me. How long have we 'known' each other? Long enough to know that I can depend on you for your smiles, hugs, and ok..maybe some ice cream. :D And the same from me..we're here on this Life Journey together. We might not be neighbors..but we're absolutely connected by one thing..photography. And in my book, that makes us friends. :D

So there you have it. Black and white. That's the biggest change for now.

Smile today..
Until next time..