Cha Cha..Cha Cha..

"When I wake up
in the morning light
I put on my jeans
and I feel alright.
I put my blue jeans on.
I put my 'ol blue jeans on.
Cha cha, Cha cha."
-Keith Urban, "Blue Jeans"


That is one of my FAVORITE songs ever. It's my feel good song. Whenever I hear it, a smile comes to my face instantly. I even have a little jig I dance when I hear it. My family knows me by my jeans. I always wear jeans. Always. No really. Always. So when my daughter had worn her favorite pair of jeans to shreds, I understood completely why she loved them so much. However, it was time to retire them. But before that happened, we had to get a photo. (What else would I do, right? :D)

Everyone needs something that makes them smile. A song. A smell. A movie. A place. A food. A photo..

Go find it. Smile. Then tell me all about it. :D
Until next time....