Happy Birthday, baby Girl!!


Another year has rolled around, and again, I can't believe how much things have changed. It's my daughters birthday. Wow. This has flown by! I can remember so clearly the day she was born. SO clearly. The excitement, the joy, the feeling of being so inadequate to be a mother..all wrapped up in one sweet bundle of cooing goodness.

It's hard to imagine what my days would be like without her. She's the 'other mom' in the house, always taking care of her brothers, and even taking care of me from time to time. She's the example of goodness and kindness, and all that is right. And since her and I are the only girls in the house, it's nice to have someone to paint nails with, dance to music with, laugh with, talk boys with..I love it. :)

She is the reason for so many doings in my life. When I see her pushing through tough times, and do so with a smile, it makes me want to push harder to get through my own trials. When I hear her laughing, it makes me stop what I'm doing and want to sneak beside her and join in on the fun instead of doing the routine everyday ho-hum chores. When I watch her sleeping, I wish I could be in her dreams and know the peaceful things she's dreaming about..and I hope that a small part of those dreams are filled with images of us together, doing something happy and fun.

Happy Birthday, baby girl. I love you more then you could ever understand. One day you'll have a family, a daughter, and then...just maybe..you'll have a glimpse of the deep love I have for you..forever.

Until next time..