There is a man who I see every time I head out to the store. He sits on the curb with all that he owns at his side. A hat, a basket full of his life, and a cardboard sign. I don't know his name, or his story. I don't know his dreams or what the happiest moment in his life was. I'm don't even know if he had a happy moment..
But I know he has a yellow hat. And I know he could probably use a little something to help him have a happy moment, even for a second. Then, yesterday I was reading a fellow photo friends' blog and they were going to donate 1 can of food to a shelter for every comment they got on their blog post. "What a cool idea!" I thought. Then my mind started working in overload. What if I could do that same thing, but tweek it just a bit. This could work. It could really work. My mind thought to who or what I could help..and it came to me like a ton of bricks.. 'the man with the yellow hat'.

What if I could get a big box, and in the box, I could put some gloves, hand warmers, socks, some food, water, oranges... and give it to this man. Yes, it's one person. One single act. But..it's one person. A person who seems to really need a little pick me up. We've all been there, right? We've all had that time in life when it just seemed so low, so unbearable, so sad. It seemed no one noticed us, cared, worried about us. It seemed there was no help around, from anyone. Haven't you been there? I know I have. I also know that during that time..there was a miracle that happened. Life got better. Things changed slowly. Climbing out of the hole wasn't as lonely or hard as I first though..especially since there were people around to help, to care, to love..

What if we did this together? What if, for every comment I get on this blog post, I add another 'something' to the box to give to the man with the yellow hat? What do you think...can we do it?? I KNOW we can. Can you just picture the surprise on his face? Can you see the new sparkle in his eyes that have probably seen more sadness then most? Can you hear the quiet, maybe timid, but very humble "Thank you"? And what about the unseen things. What about the feeling he could feel just knowing that someone cared enough to notice him? I think this is an amazing opportunity to change the day for someone.

If you'd like to help, simply add a comment to this blog post. For every comment posted, I'll add another item to the "Happy Box" for the man with the yellow hat. Guys, this is awesome. I'm giddy just thinking about how much this can help, how much it WILL help. Let's make a miracle happen together...

Until next time..