Today, while out for a run, I ran past a little bunch of dandy flowers. Just all bunched up against the curb with one little bee buzzing around each one. Of course, I didn't have my camera with me, but the image is in my mind. I started noticing other things as well. Small buds on tree branches. Warmer sun on my arms. And suddenly the greatest thing happened. A smile. And all because it's spring. :)

To kick off this great season, I'm offering great prices on family photos. Ahh!! I'm so excited because it's time to get out there and enjoy this weather. Winter has been around long enough, and who really wants to go outside in the snow and cold wind and smile?? Yeah, that's what I though. :) But with spring making itself known more and more each day, it's time for some fantastic photos. I'll get the details up soon, but for now, I'm going outside to do me a happy spring dance! :D

until next time...