Mid-Point Check-In


Alright everyone..here we are, halfway through our second Joygiving Challenge. (Better someone else by being yourself) How is it going? have you stuck with it? What do you think? Harder then you expected? Better then you expected? Not what you expected at all?

I have to admit, at first, super excited. I still am, but I'm seeing results that I wasn't prepared for. I just wanted to check in and see how YOU were doing with the challenge. Tell me all about it so far. I'm anxious to hear your experiences.

I will give you a little preview of what it's been like for me over here. The first few days thinking about this challenge, I had big plans. BIG plans. And I still do, just..different plans. It seemed like everytime I got ready to carry out that plan..something always got in the way. Someone was sick, it snowed and the roads were not good to drive on, etc. Things kept getting pushed back a day, then two days, then a week. Nothing was getting done. At least..not the 'plans' I wanted to get done. Then, one day I was playing with my little guy and it hit me right in the face. (ok..more like the heart.) 'This is what the 'plan' was. Better someone else by being myself. This is it!" I'm a photographer, yes. But first..I'm a mom. All these big ideas and goals that I have are great, but sometime..they have to wait, so that I can carry out the biggest goal and idea ever: motherhood. To my little guy, that means the world. Having someone to play with, trust, learn from..this is his life.


That's just a glimpse of some of the changes that have happened already this month from this second challenge. I can't wait to see how the rest of the month turns out. :D

Share with me your experiences so far..

Until next time..