Joygiving #6


AHHH!! Where did that month go!? Last month. And now this month. For reals, it's flyin'!! Which would explain the huge pause in Joygiving. HUGE pause. Um....*crickets chirping here..*

Moving on..

So, this month for Joygiving, how about a little fun. It's summer. What do you think about when it's summer? What comes to mind? I think of late night hide and seek games in the neighborhood. I use to play this with my brothers' and our neighborhood friends. Late into the evening, we'd play, hiding behind fences, car, under porches. It seriously was the best time ever.

I also think of ice cream. Do you remember that ice cream cereal?? It's like all of summer revolved around: ice cream. :D And as a kid, what could make you more happy then having ice cream in one form or another, 24/7? That' what I thought. :D

So..here's what I was thinking. What if, for this month, we made a special effort to visit the things that made us happy in our summer childhood. It could be ice cream, late night hide and seek, sleeping under the stars, running through sprinklers, maybe even catching bugs and firefly's. (I have yet to see a real firefly. Do they even exist? Really?) In doing so..I'm hoping to bring some of that joy back into our every day routine. It's summer for goodness sake..maybe we should take a little time to pause, be a kid, and enjoy something..anything..for a minute. Not just work. Not just laundry. Not just going through the motions..but truly LIVING.

Whadda say? You in?? I'll be posting some of my favorite moments of this challenge soon. :D

Oh..and to add to the fun..anyone who decides to take on this challenge will be entered into a drawing for a Ice Cream gift card!! That's right. I'll be sending you some ice cream to make some magical moments. Leave a comment and you'll be entered into the Joygiving-Ice Cream Style Giveaway!! :D

Until next time..