It's summer. Which I love. And I hate. I love that we're all home for 3 months. I love that we can sleep in if we want or stay up late if we choose. I love that the sun is out longer so we can take lazy strolls at 8pm. I love the events that our little part of the world puts on for families to enjoy.

I hate all the moments of boredom when all I hear if mindless arguing. Please tell me that I'm not the only one who hears this in the summer. Raise of hands anyone? Anyone?? Most days, it's good. We're busy with baseball, softball, camping, swimming, bike riding...but then...there are moments where there is nothing planned and we are bored. And the poking begins. "He poked me first!!" "No, he poked ME first!!" Back and forth it goes. Then, out of no where..they're best friends again.

I knew I had to capture this before it was too late..even if just to remind me of those moments when things are good in the world..


Sometimes, it's just nice to remember...
Until next time..