A boy and his toys..

We have been sick for the past 2 weeks and quite frankly, we're tired of it! After all the resting, napping, cuddling, more resting and about 300 glasses of orange juice..we finally were able to play again!! And wouldn't you know it, the first and ONLY thing this little guy wanted to play with was his trucks. No, not just trucks, but anything he could find with wheels on it..that's what he wanted to play with. I don't blame him though, it was pretty fun to get down and play 'city' with him. Vroom!!

I don't know if it's ALL boys that are like this, but why do they make a train with all their trucks? It is fun, don't get me wrong, but how do they know to do that? Love watching it. Loved playing it! Loved being in the moment even more..

Just gotta say, I love those cute feet and hands of his!! I'm one lucky mamma!

Until next time everyone..