There are only a few times a year that all the cousins get to see each other. Christmas...and Easter. Sometimes there are summers dotted with weekend visits, but nothing compares to the 4 day visit we get at Easter. It's always the same. When the cousins first see each other, it's complete craziness! They scream in excitement, they giggle in joy, and then the fun begins. A good 'ol game of Hide and go Seek is always a hit. And the #1 place to hide?? Behind the big tree out in the front yard, of course. :D

It wouldn't be a 'real' Easter if a nice round of Tag was left out. And let me tell you, when these kids start running all over the place..you'd think you were in a tornado!! They are SO fast and full of energy!!

(check out the younger ones looking for the best place to run..just in case :D)

But my favorite part, is seeing the looks on their faces during all the little kid conversations. Life is so different for them, so uncomplicated. That's what I love most..

Finally, it's time for the long awaited egg hunt! The Easter Bunny was pretty sneaky this year (if I do say so myself. :D) Eggs were hidden all over the place..in the flowers, on car tires, up in trees, behind fence railings, and in mailboxes.

By the end of the day, everyone was tired and happy after many long hours of hunting, playing and enjoying each other. Easter. It reminds me of family, of growing up with my siblings, of watching my kids enjoy their cousins. Feeling gratitude for all the blessings that have happened in my life, especially the ones running around in the front yard looking for that brightly colored treasure...

Until next time..