Our "beach"...

Friday it was so nice and sunny and warm that we couldn't stay inside another minute. We packed our things, and went to the beach. Well...so it's not really a beach..it was a river sand bank, but to us, it was a beach. The kiddos played for 2 full hours...not even stopping once to look back at my hubby and me. *Gasp!! Uninterrupted time!? Could it be a dream!?* It was such a fun afternoon.

Their favorite part was making a 'flood' for their sand valley. They'd start at one end of the 'beach' and dig a trench that led into the water. It was just so cool to watch them working together! :D

Here's the sand valley.

It's a lot of hard work to build a whole valley out of sand! :D

That was a lot of photos for one post. Here's one last one for all our friends up North in Canada ;) (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the hat)
Just couldn't resist. :D
Have a terrific day everyone!!

Until next time...