What he does..

I was thinking about my little guy yesterday as I was playing with him outside. (We finally had some nice, sunny, almost hot weather! WHOHWOOO! :D) We were playing in the dirt, digging and scooping with his little construction trucks. As we played, he was talking to..well, I'm not sure who he was talking to..but it was amazing to listen to him have this full conversation with 'someone'. It got me thinking about our everyday routines together. It's just him and I during the day since everyone else is at work and school. Now, let me ask if any of your days are like this. When we are driving down the road, going to the store, he'll be in the backseat asking me endless questions. "Why is the road black?", "Where are we going?", "Why is that car passing us?", "What is that noise?", "Look what I found in my nose!!" (yes..I hear that one often..) Sometimes, I just want to turn the radio up loud so I can't hear these questions. Sometimes, I just want me..my thoughts..my wonders...my worries..not everyone else's. But today, watching him play, and seeing that he was happy being with me outside, it hit me. I AM me because of him. My thoughts, my wonders, my worries..I have them because of my little kiddos. How boring would it be to drive down the road alone now without all those questions coming from the back seat? (don't get me wrong..a little alone time is ALWAYS wonderful :D) What would I be doing if I wasn't outside digging in the dirt with construction toys??
So today, my post is about me finding something I always had...just never knew it. The perfect daily routine.

Look at all that dirt on his face! Well worth it though...

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! (Yes! It's the weekend!! :D)
Until next time....