To be a mom..

Today is 1/2 day at school, which means I'll have the whole afternoon to spend playing with the kiddos. So excited about that!! (our last playday afternoon was on the train tracks..) And of course, my camera will come along with us. But I have a question for all you parents out there..have you ever looked at your kids and just..fell in love with them all over again? Like when they were first born? There's a big age gap between my kiddos, and at first it was perfect because the older one LOVED being the 'mommy' to the younger one. But now that they're both getting older, becoming their own person I'm seeing that they have a lot of different interests. That's so awesome..but also so hard because they want to do completely different things at the same time. Sometimes, like when we have our little 1/2 day afternoon adventures, I take their picture and remember just how much I love them, and how different, (and dare I say quiet) my life would be without them. I get to 're-live' the excitement of the afternoon through the photographs. I love that part about being a photographer!! :D

Is that what motherhood is about? Putting your heart out there every day and hope that your kids will love and appreciate all you do? Is it just laundry and dinners, carpools and dishes? I don't think so. In my life, motherhood is who I am. It's the one thing that actually gave me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and try something new and a little scary. (starting my own photography business..that's a HUGE scary step for me.) But you know what? There they are..at the end of the day..it's their faces I see. It's their kisses I hold on to, and their hugs I feel. It's their giggly laughter that echos in my ears, and I..love..it. Yes, they argue, and yes, they complain about things. They even fight with each other, and with me. BUT..they also remind me about having patience. About being innocent and taking time to play and discover things. They remind me about life.
They remind me to live.
That is what being a mom is for me..

One day, my hope is that they'll see how much they mean to me through the pictures I take of them. Despite their differences..these two little ones truly are best friends. What a lucky momma I am...

Until next time...