I've never seen such a curious little boy. Ever. From morning until night, and probably in his sleep, he's thinking about something. Anything. Everything. Yesterday it was bugs. Why do bugs have so many feet? What are those things on a bugs head? How do bugs sing? Do bugs have friends? Can I squish a bug? What does a bug taste like? So curious. So full of questions and wonder. It amazes me that they can have that many thoughts running through their mind at once.

Yesterday we found a little magnifying glass and decided to go exploring. I can't even begin to tell you how many little cracks and hiding spots we found, where a bug could be living. And, I can't tell you how many bugs we found in dandelions! (I'll be keeping a safe distance from now on.. ;) )

The curiosity of a little one blows me away. I don't remember being like that, or asking SO many questions. But I'm glad that my little guy does. I'm glad that he wonders about the world around him. And I'm glad that he lets me follow him around, learning all these new, cool things too. :D

Until next time..