Photos from Yesterday..

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take photos of an amazing mom and daughter. First of all..this little girl was as cute as could be! Such an easy little one to photograph. Her mom..she's SO fun! I'm glad I got to spend the morning with them and get to know them better. Thanks 'K'. Hope you enjoy this sneak peek! :D

First..I love these both..color and black and white. I just couldn't decide, so I'm posting them both..

Just look at these two! Don't they look fun!? And yes..that's exactly what they were. :D

We went to this park, and there was this little shack thing..and on the side of it was some long grass. (ok..probably more like weeds..) Being the good sports that they are, we put this little kiddo in the grass...I mean weeds. I don't think she liked it much. You never would have guessed that right after we were done with the photo session..it started to rain! No..like...a downpour!! Whew! We missed that one..just barely.

This is what she did to me right off the bat. No, seriously..she likes to stick her tongue out. Too cute! We got such a laugh at that..

Love this photo. She sat so nicely in the chair, even I don't sit that still! :D

Oh look..there's that tongue again!

Can't you feel the immense love between this mom and daughter? What a perfect pre-Mother's Day photo shoot.

You guys were awesome and I really had a fun time with you. I can't wait to get together for a BBQ! :D Thanks again!

Until next time..