Why I blog..

Ok..I've been tagged! First time. Never been tagged before, not really sure what it all means. However..it's kind of cool. What I was supposed to do was write down 5 reasons why I blog, then tag 5 more people to do the same. With that said..here we go.

1. It's my everyday hiding place where I get to go and see all the cool photos everyone has done.
2. I can only watch Bob the Builder so many times in one day
3. The people I've 'met' and talked with since I started blogging..you people are crazy-amazing!
4. Living my dream of being a photographer.
5. Laundry isn't everything..right?

Thanks, Jennifer for the tag! :D
Now, here's who I'm tagging..
Miss E
Miss Angie
Miss Julie
Miss Amy
Miss Lulu

Have fun with this ladies. :D

Until next time..