Change #1...Play..

You read it right. Play. Play time..play dates..play, play, play. It's been so long since I was able to just go outside and play. (let's see how many times I can use the word, "Play" in this post..:D) Let me explain..

I heard a quote.. "If your life isn't working for you, fix it."

Wow!! So, here's the story..I was outside today with my kiddos, and 2 nephews. Watching. Sitting on the sidelines. Which, as a photographer, I think we do a lot and don't always realize it. But today..I noticed it. I was watching them laughing, and running, hiding and chasing. For that single moment..I thought, "Hey..I can play too." That's when I decided this would be my first personal challenge of change this summer. To play. Not just sit on the outside and watching things from the camera lens..but to jump right in and play too. Hey..who says you have to be a kid to play 'freeze-tag'? I mean..when was the last time I played with a toy..went zooming down a slide, or searched the front yard lawn for a 4-leaf clover? (let me answer that...TOO LONG. :D)

What's the first summer change you're working on? What are you going to do to get it started? I'm so excited for you, ladies. I'm excited to see the things you do to better your life. Why? Because in some small way, I think we've become a tiny part of each others lives..which makes us connected in, not only photography, but in friendship too. Nothing more rewarding then seeing family and friends smiling and happy with life..right? :D

So, as my friend Angie said.. "all aboard the change train..CHOO CHOO!" Here we go ladies..it's going to be a fun, fun, ride...
Until next time..