Change is good...

The summer has only been here at our place for a few days. In fact..this is the 2nd 'real' day of no school for the kids. Such a big change for them. Remember what it felt like getting out of school for the summer? Knowing that you had 3 whole months of running free in the neighborhood, riding bikes, late night camp-outs in the backyard? I remember those summer days so well. I also remember the changes that happened during the summer. Where I really discovered who my friends are, who I am, what my family means to me. All these thoughts were running through my head the other night, so I stepped outside just to get some air. When I looked in the sky..this is what I saw...

My first thought: "Ocean waves". Then I thought.."Change". Good change. I knew in that moment, that I wanted this summer to be one of amazing change for me. I want to do things with my photography that will make me stretch outside of my own thinking box. I want to do things with my kids that will make me embrace what being a mother really means. I want to show my husband exactly how much he means to me so that when the school year starts up again, and he's gone to work, we'll count down the hours until he steps through the door again. When I saw that cloud in the sky, I felt this need to want to change a lot of things about myself. Good changes. Positive changes. The kind that would let everyone around me feel completely important, loved, and needed. And for me..to feel completely complete.

How weird is that, that a cloud, something that is in constant change with the wind..can make me want to take a new leap of faith and be a better me. I love that! :D

With that said..I want to put a challenge out there to you. This is a summer of change. A summer of GOOD change. A summer to see all the things we're blessed with, and hold close to our hearts. Maybe you've been wanting to 'break out of your shell', but just haven't had a good enough reason. But you feel it. Here it is. :D ( I feel like some kind of motivational speaker! ;) ) I guess what I'm saying is, you can do it. You can SO do this! :D And we have the chance to become better photographers, better mothers and wives, better friends, a better us. I'm with you on this..so if you want to take that first step to changing in awesome ways..let's go! :D

It's time to shine..

Until next time..