It's a bird..it's a plane..no..it's a Hot Air Balloon!!

So many of you have heard me rambling on about a big hot air balloon event in my town this weekend. It starts tomorrow...however...all the early birds got a little sneak peek today! :D I was just getting ready for the day when I looked out the window and saw these hot air balloons drifting slowly across the blue summer sky. So..immediately I run upstairs, grab the camera, then race back downstairs to snap some shots. It was seriously so amazing!! They flew right over my house!! I could see the people in the basket, hear the fire..it was just amazing. I'm so excited for tomorrow morning. Anyone who wants gets to go to the launching field and help launch. I can't wait!! You're all going to be tired of seeing hot air balloons by the time this weekend is over, but for me..I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning. :D I love this!! :D Now..if only there was a hot air balloon that looked like an ice cream cone..

Happy Friday everyone! :D
Until next time...