More Balloons..

Well..the hot air balloon event was cancelled due to bad weather. :(
We were still able to go to the launch field and just take a peek of what a hot air balloon looks like up close and personal, and let me tell you..they are HUGE!! When they're flying around, they don't look too big, but when you're staring at one just a few feet away..it's something breathtaking and amazing. I just want you to get a feel for how big these balloons are..in this picture..compare the balloon size to the size of the people. Isn't that crazy huge?! There's even a truck down there!! (And..as a side note..wouldn't that be cool to have a strawberry that big?!?)
**Click to enlarge**
Also at the balloon event was one of our favorite dogs around.."Clifford!!" Yes, that's right. The Big Red Dog! :D Clifford is my little guys favorite dog..pet..animal..ever! :D For him to see, and hug, and even give Clifford a 'high 5", made my little man the happiest man alive. Just look at that face! He's holding his hands together he's so excited. :D (yes..we're still in our PJ's..hey..it was too early to even be awake...what can I say. :D)

If any of you ever get the chance to see hot air balloons..I encourage you to go! You won't regret it. For me..it was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity. I'm in awe by these beautiful balloons. I know..that sounds corny..but it's true. Ahh..what a fun thing to witness and be a small part of.

Have a wonderful week everyone. :D
Until next time..