Just for fun...

The other day we went out to find the 'perfect' spot to watch the fireworks. In our town, they light the fireworks off of a huge butte, and pretty much the whole town can see them from wherever you are. However..we wanted the PERFECT spot. And, I think we found it. :D It's this big 'ol grassy field, right at the base of the butte. Can't get much better then that, huh? :D While we were up there..we decided to play. Yes. Play. Part of the change I've been working on. So we did. We played chase, keep away, tag, and hide and seek. (it's kind of hard to hind behind...grass..so that game didn't last too long. ) While I was taking a break, I pulled out the camera and got these shots. I love them. For me..it shows this amazing, fun relationship between the kiddos and my hubby.

(who do you think is having more fun here?)

How are you all doing on the 'change train'? Keeping it up? Well, I have a new one for you when you're ready. (are you ready yet? how about now? now? ok..now? :D) The new change I'm working on is: Try something new. That's a hard one for me because there's SO many things I could try, and one of my biggest fears is trying something and looking like a complete fool in the process. However, I realized that in order for me to really enjoy life..I need to step outside of my little box and try something. So..today...we're going to....(drum roll).....float the river. AHH!! Totally scary for me since I really don't like being in water. But I know it would be fun if I would let myself just..enjoy it, right? We've been planning this for about a month now. There's no turning back. The kids are excited, hubby is excited, and me...I'm happy to say..I'm secretly excited too. :D After a morning bday party for some friends..we're heading down to the river and just going for it. (SDH HSDFLJKSDFH HFIWUFH KSD <------ that's me being excited and nervous all at the same time.) Now it's your turn. Try something new. Something small..something big..something you've been afraid of..something you've wanted to do for a long time, but just haven't. Do it. :D Then let me know how it goes. :D

Happy Tuesday everyone. :D
Until next time..