Terrible, no good, awful, very bad day...

Have you ever read that book? I probably don't have the words right, or in the right order..but it is close. It talks about having the worst day ever. Yeah. You all know what I'm talking about. Well..today is that day for me. It's not the worst day ever..it's just a terrible, no good, awful, very bad day.

When we came home from our awesome vacation at the beach, we walked in the front door and found this: (We'll call this 'diagram A')
(And this will be 'diagram B')

Yes..you saw it right. Our upstairs bathroom started to leak as soon as we left, and since we were gone for so long..it leaked right through into our kitchen downstairs. Water everywhere. Permanent stain on the kitchen floor, major carpet damage upstairs, the upstairs bathroom needs to be replaced, and so does the kitchen ceiling downstairs. (wow..that was a mouth full) Then, I found out today that we have to move within 60 days..which will put us right at the beginning of school. Not a good time for a crazy house. I've been looking at new places to move into..but somehow everything is just a tiny bit out of my price range, or the washer and dryer are in the basement and all the bedrooms are on the 3rd floor. What th?!!? Does that even make sense?! Imagine carrying groceries up 2 flights of stairs!? What were people thinking when they built houses like that? Seriously.

So..as I sat down to write this..I just wanted to cry. You know how you get when things just pile up on you and you hold it all in until you just can't anymore? That's today for me. Just a terrible, no good, awful, very bad day.. and I'm feeling so out of control and lost in the middle of it. I decided to think of some things that would bring a smile to my face. Hopefully that could change my mood a bit.. let's see if it works..

The place we just left..the ocean. Always makes me feel so calm and relaxed. Exactly what I needed. Anyone know where I can get a mail order ocean?? :D

My dad. He has the most patience of anyone I know. Everything and anything he does..he does well and with a caring heart. Hearing his words and laughter today would cheer me up beyond words.

My awesome family. I love them more then life itself. We are healthy. We are safe. And hey..just because there's a leak in our house doesn't mean we're not fun. Camping in the living room is our favorite thing. :D

And my secret lifetime love..ice cream. Any brand..any flavor..any time. I love it.

Ahhh yes..I can feel the smile coming back to my face. But there's just one thing I forgot to write that makes me happy.. YOU. Yes. I love going to your blogs and reading the comments you leave on mine. They add such spice to my pretty routine days. Thank you SO much for taking the time to leave kind and thoughtful words. I've never actually met any of you face to face..but I feel like in a lot of ways, we've already met. :D

Hope your day is going well..maybe a wonderful, terrific, awesome, very GOOD day! :D

Until next time...