Bad Blogger...

**WE HAVE A WINNER!! My brother guessed it right, however he doesn't leave comments on my blog *cough cough* so..Steven Kang and Rebecca both guessed that photo number one was hair gel. Whohooo!! Hope you all had fun playing this. My kids will be excited to know that my 'photo friends' solved the mysteries. And..you never know..maybe a new mystery will show up soon. Also, just to clarify, the outdoor mat is actually our sidewalk. (I will see if I have a bigger photo of it) They put those special bumpy things on it only on the parts that slope so you don't fall on the ice. Kind of cool..kind of weird. Thanks for playing!!**

! It's been too long, and I'm feeling it. It's so weird how I have become um...well..ok..so the word is probably 'addicted' to this blog. (Maybe a better word is: 'happily engaged with blogging'. Yes. I know..more then one word..) Being busy and just living life sometimes gets in the way of doing the things that I want to do, like 'talking' to all of you through blogs. But today..I decided to just sit down and get a post in. First to say.."THANK YOU FOR YOUR AWESOME COMMENTS". Seriously..I am amazed by all the kind things you say to me. So, thank you!

We are half way through summer. (not sure if I want to laugh or cry about that...) It's gone by so fast! SO fast. My kids wanted to have a detective summer, where I come up with little mysteries for them to solve. Usually they are things like the library, or ice cream. And then we go to the library, or get ice cream. We even went so far as to make fake ID badges! (Do these kids have me wrapped around their finger or what!?)

Meet Agent Turnnose, and Agent Lippout. (Gee...I wonder how we came up with those names..)
One night while talking to my little mystery solvers, they asked me if I thought all my 'picture friends' (yes..they call you picture friends) would be able to solve the mysteries. Hmmm...that's a good question!! :D So, we went around the house taking photos of things for YOU to solve. Um..yes. I bet you didn't know this blog was an audience participation blog. :D So..for all my 'picture friends'..here's some summer mysteries for you to solve. See how many photos you can figure out. Let me know your guesses when you're done. :D Remember, these are all things from around my house, and unfortunately..none of them are ice cream. :(

Good Luck!

Until next time...

*EDIT...Here are some clues to the ones that haven't been guessed yet. Picture #1 is found in our bathroom. And picture #3 is found outside. It's essential in the winter when it's icy outside.**