The Weekend..

This was a weekend we SO needed as a family. Between the hot weather, packing, getting ready for school to start, cleaning, and all the other 'fun' stuff that happens when you move..we needed to get outside and enjoy each other. And that's exactly what we did. :D We started out by taking a nice dip in the river. (And yes..this is the river we float. See..not too scary looking. Not sure what my problem was.. :D)
(I'll give you one guess at who he was getting ready to soak???)

The kids had a blast jumping in the water, squirting each other with squirt guns, (and then squirting me!). It was so refreshing to be in that cool water on such a hot summer day. After that, we dried off and went for a walk around the park. The trail we were on eventually led us to this really cool park. One of the toys at the park was a....BOAT!! Yes. A boat! I've never seen a boat for a toy at a park.Such a fun time!! Soon it was getting dark and time to head back home. Luckily though, my kiddos pointed out the beautiful moon shining brightly behind the trees.

What a great way to end this amazing day. Now..back to life. :D

Hope your weekend was something to remember! :D
Until next time...