100th Post! :D

Wow!! I never would have thought that I'd still be blogging. (These things have a way of kind of..oh I don't know...fading out. ;) ) Anyway, so here I am..100 posts later, and still having a fun time with it. I have 'met' some amazing people who have this serious love and passion for photography. Through their blogs, I'm learning these crazy cool techniques and tricks. :D You're all an inspiration and for that, I say THANK YOU!!

So on this 100th post, I wanted it to be something really cool and great. Hmm..that's not going to happen. (kind if in a non cool/great rut...) I did remember that awhile ago, I was tagged by Elizabeth to list 8 more things about me. (see what I mean about un-cool/great?? ;) ) So that's what I've decided to post.

1. I love Christmas movies. They are my favorite and I can watch them in the dead heat of summer, and all year long. Seriously LOVE Christmas movies.

2. Fall is my favorite season, and right now, my house is all decked out in pumpkins, scarecrows, and leaves. But my favorite part: the smell of pumpkin spice candles around the house.

3. I'm an awful cook.

4. Red Robin and Baja Fresh tie for being my favorite places to eat. (hence #3)

5. I could walk around Target for hours and not buy a thing. Just browse, and take my time looking at EVERYTHING. Let's just call it my "alone time".

6. I have a red phone.

7. I would much rather be cold then hot.

8. One of my lifelong dreams has been to go to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. Hey..a girl can dream, right? :D

So there you have it..8 more things about me, and my 100th post. Before I end, I just want to say Thank you to my friends who check out my blog regularly. I never thought anyone would actually read this..let alone continue to come back. I am amazed by your warm comments and sincere words. You really are the best bunch of photo friends I know and for that, I'm grateful.

Now..on to the picture...
This is my little soldier. My protector during the day. My little sidekick, partner in crime. (in case you can't tell, he's holding his most prized possession..a cardboard sword covered in aluminum foil)
Since school started and everyone is now gone during the day..it's just him and I around the house. One day, my husband told him that he needed to be the little man of the house and protect mommy and the baby that's on the way. Not long after that, he wanted me to make him a sword. Um. Ok. I just figured it was a boy thing, right? All boys like swords..don't they? So we made one out of cardboard and aluminum foil. Fancy. Ever since that day, he's been carrying that sword around everywhere we go. To the store. Taking his sister to school. To the bathroom. Everywhere! Finally, I asked him why he wanted that sword so much, and this is what he said:
"I'm Super Why! (a new show on TV he likes), and I'm here to save the day! I will protect you with my Super Sword!!" Then he takes off into this flying frenzy around the house. I had to smile. It's kind of nice to be ''protected", even if it's by a boy that's 3 feet tall with a cardboard sword. :D Life is good..

Until next time..