Twas the day we found out...

Today we found out if we're having a boy or a girl. This is always a huge deal because it makes everything seem more real. We wanted to tell our family and friends, so we're posting this blog to share the good news. But first..a little suspense. (Because 5 months hasn't been a long enough wait, right? Hee hee)
A little background:
Our daughter wants a girl. When asked why, she replied, "Because I will be outnumbered! 3 boys against me!? Not fair!!" (typical girl answer, right?)
So..her response if it's a boy..

But, if it's a girl...

Our son is opposite. He is certain it's a boy! When asked why he wants a brother he replied: "because I need someone to tackle!" Hmmm..now I'm getting worried..
His response if it's a girl....

But if it's a boy....

So..here's the questions I have in my head. Will our house be full of girly things? Bubble bath, pink EVERYWHERE, dolls and more??

Lotion, hair 'things', jewelry galore??

Or will our home be full of toys that go "Vroom!", and "BEEP BEET"?

A train of 'boy toys' all lined up in the street?

The answer, my friend, is simple you see..
Just look below to see what will make our number 3..

That's right!! It's a BOY!! A Boy...a BOY!!
One to play football, basketball, and eat soy..(sauce)
(yeah..my hubby thought of that line. :D)

So that's the news. It's exciting and so 'real'. Now..only 4 more months to go until we get to snuggle on this little guy. Next up: choosing a name. Any suggestions? We have a few in mind, but nothing is definite yet.

Have a great day everyone!
Until next time..