Happy Holidays everyone!! I hope you were able to enjoy your Christmas and New Year with loved ones and take a little time to relax and reflect on the year we leave behind. This holiday season brought much excitement and joy as we spent time with family. I want to thank everyone who comes and checks out my blog and leaves comments or simply "lurks." I never thought I'd actually have comments, let alone make some pretty amazing friends. So Thank you!!

Today marked my 29th week of pregnancy. Wow!! Can you believe it's almost done?! Just a few more weeks left until this little guy is here to love and cuddle on! I can't wait, and yet..have SO much to do to get ready! Over the holidays, my hubby and I decided to have a little contest with our family and friends to guess the 'stats' of our little guy. Everyone was asked to answer these questions:
1. Weight
2. Length
3. Day he will be born
4. Name (choosing out of a combination of: James, Benjamin, Simon, Oliver, John, David, Timothy and Samuel.)
5. Time of day he will be born

We're not sure what the winner will get, but it's just fun to guess. SO, if any of you want to play along, go ahead. :D Before you make any guesses though, let me give you some stats from my previous pregnancies to help you in your guessing process.

* I've had BIG babies. A 10 pounder and an 11 pounder
* One was born on the due date, one was a week late
* No C-Sections
* They both were around 22 inches long

With that..make your guesses. :D Fun game!

Until next time