Today's the day!!!

Ok everyone..today's the day! We've had a countdown for...well...for nine long months. :D And now, today, I get to have my little guy! I'm so excited to finally see him and hold him in my arms. Not looking forward to the diaper changing part..but um..that's just all part of the deal, right? :D The past few nights have been sleepless ones for me, as I sat awake just thinking. Thinking about life..how it would suddenly change, and wondering if I'm ready to make the transition. I've wondered if I could handle everything that is about to take place, and how my other children would handle this little one. Then, last night, it all came to a peaceful close. No stress. No worries. It just clicked that everything would be exactly how it should..wonderful. And I'm looking forward to this with such excitement that I can hardly stand it!! It's just like Christmas, only with a more beautiful gift at the end of the day. Human Life. I'll post photos soon...

Until next time..