Look who's ONE...

...Month old, that is. :D So hard to believe that it's already been one month. Crazy fast!! And look what I got from him..a smile! Oh so precious. I tell you what..nothing fills a mother's heart more then seeing her children's smiles, and that is certainly true with this little quiver. (That's his nickname from me because his chin is always quivering. :D) Anyway..Happy 'birthday' little man!
Hope you're all having a FANTASTIC Friday! Yes, I did say Friday! WHOHOOOOO!! Anyone out there that needs a weekend, say "I". (insert many "I's" here. :D Hee hee..) Hope you're all well, and happy.

(Here comes the smile...wait for it..wait for it...)

And Wah-lah!! Magic in the making. :D

Until next time...