Lesson Learned...I hope...

So....wow..what a week! First of all, how is YOUR week going? Any signs of Spring where you live? Sun, maybe?? We're still hanging out in the clouds and rain, and wind..and snow. However..I know that ONE day Summer will come, and when it does..I'll be ready! :D

This week has completely been one with mixed emotions. I think every possible emotion a person can feel..I've felt. Which would explain my lack of blogging lately. There was scared, tired, happy, angry, frustrated, excited, bitter-sweet, joy, contentment...you name it, I felt it. We've had sickness in our house this week..a rare form of the flu. So we've all been keeping our distance, especially with new little brother..we don't want to get him sick. I think that's where the emotions come in..just trying to take care of your family and getting everyone healthy, while still keeping little brother away from all the sickness floating around, and trying NOT to get sick yourself. There have been few 'highs' and many 'lows', but..I did manage to get a few photos that brought a smile to my face. Isn't that why we do what we do? To take our akjdfhakdfha that's going on in our lives, and capture the brief moments of delight...just to remember how wonderful things really are, and can be? I hope that's why I do what I do with a camera..

Here's big brother, hanging out in the bathtub with MOUNDS of soap on his head. Um..we called him an ice cream cone after that. If you could only have heard the laughter that followed...seriously, music to my ears..

And one of little brother. (well..his legs, anyway. :D) We decided to up the size in diapers because his chub-legs were just not comfortable in the size 1's he was wearing. (Can you believe that??? Not even a month old and already in size 2 diapers!?) But hey..those rollie-pollie legs are so fun to kiss and tickle..and seeing his precious smile absolutely brings one to my face, too. :D

So..since it's almost mid-week..here's a shout out to everyone. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay sane ;), and please..most importantly, remember to stay happy, even during those crazy moments life throws at ya! :D

Until next time...