Almost here...Summer EDT

Today I woke up and realized that 'it's' almost here. It being Summer. :) I was laying there in bed, enjoying the brief moment of quiet before the day starts and gets crazy, and I was thinking about all the things I'm so excited for. My favorite moments in the summer. Those EDT (Every Day Things) Some of them being:

Laying on the cool grass with my kids and playing the "what does that cloud look like to you" game. Do you ever play that? My son thinks that every cloud is either a dinosaur or a dragon. Boys!

Wearing fancy hats! My daughter is a true girly girl and she wears hats all summer long. Sun hats, bonnets, baseball caps..she wears them all. And I love it.

Exploring. What is summer without a good day exploring??

Playing. Seriously..playing is the best! :D Do you remember all those games you played in the neighborhood with your friends late into the night? We use to play Hide and Seek until it was so dark we'd run into the trees or rose bushes. We also played a game called "Empty Carlot" and "Spud". Such fun memories..

Happiness. Waking up with no schedule. Waking up to my kids. Waking up to sunshine. That's summer. That's happiness.

Mowing the lawn. My dad has a riding lawn mower, and he loves to take the kids for rides all around the lawn when he's finished mowing. They LOVE that time with him..in fact, I'm not sure who loves it more..him or them. :D And the smell of fresh cut grass....ahhhhh...I wish I could bottle that smell up and save it for those cold winter days. :D

What are you most excited to do in the summer? Whst are those EDT on your summer agenda?

Until next time...