Birds and Pennies....EDT

So I realized another Every Day Thing (EDT) that we do. It started...well..I'm not really sure how or when it started, just that it did, and it's continued for years now. Pennies and Birds. Let me explain.

One day we were walking with our kids and they were getting bored of the walk. (no. Kids never get bored..right??) Well, I just happened to have some spare change in my pocket, and I threw it onto the road. My kids immediately ran for it. Laughing and giggling and going nuts! (We love money at our house!! :D) Suddenly, my son screams with glee.."The birds!! They're dropping pennies for us to buy ice cream!! (Yeah..we love ice cream, too. :D)

Now..every time we go on a walk..the 'birds' mysteriously drop pennies for my kids to find..er..buy ice cream with. :) That's one of our EDT things..

Until next time..