EDT. What in the world is that?? Well, let me just tell you. The other night I was laying in bed, not falling asleep, and I started thinking about my house. So I got up, and walked through all the rooms. In each room..there was some kind of reminder of life in my house. My kids toys, shoes, clothes. My car keys, my hubby's hat. All these daily things that usually go unnoticed..I noticed. So I decided to start recording the Every Day Things. (hence..EDT..I know..a lot of genius went into that one. ;D ) And that's where I am right now. I found this letter my daughter wrote me last week. She wrote asking me on a date..just her and I. That's what melts my heart. I love it. It makes me smile and laugh..especially the last part. "Bring your purse and come prepared"

So that's one of the EDT in my house..I'm sure I'll be posting more. What are some of the EDT in your life??

Until next time..