Winds of change..

So this was my Mother's Day Present...a photo shoot with my kids. My hubster set the whole thing up. He choose the colors, the location, the day, the time...he even took the photographs. (Thanks hub! You get all the credit for this photo! :D) And I have to say, the day was wonderful. I don't know about you, but when it comes to getting my kids to smile for me..it's like pulling teeth. They must know that as a photographers child you're not supposed to smile. (right? that's the golden rule isn't it??) The day was great and we got this shot from it..one that I love because it opened my eyes to something.

When I first had kids, I still had time to play. To kick my shoes off and run in the green summer grass and laugh and giggle. As I've gotten older though, I think I've forgotten..or just stopped...doing those kinds of things with my kids. Yes, we have fun outings, but usually not fun unplanned-little-kid outings. When I saw this photo, I saw everything we did on this day. We laughed. We giggled. We tickled. We took our shoes off and ran in this grass field. People honked their horns at us as they drove by, probably thinking we were crazy people all dressed in white shirts and jeans. We sat in the setting sun and just talked..and talked..and talked.

So I made a decision. This summer..starting right now..(I know, a bit early..but who cares. :D) I was going to start making some changes. I am going to start doing the things I use to do, but stopped. Or do the things I haven't ever done because of fear..and do them. And do them with my kids so they'll be able to enjoy the moment too. In saying this..I wonder..what are some things you have stopped doing..or never started doing because of fear? Maybe this summer, we can start doing these things together..with our loved ones..and see what kind of magical memories we can create. :D

Until next time..