A mountain, and a girl...

When I was little, I can remember my mother telling me that she wished I would have a daughter one day. I wasn't sure why she said that, or what it meant..not until now, anyway. I have never known what it was like to have a little clone of myself, a mirror image of who I am staring back at me every day. I never thought I'd have someone tell me the same things I use to tell my parents. You know, things like, "You can't make me!" or "You're too old to know what I'm talking about." or "Did they have dirt when you were little?" (Yes..that is a real quote.) But now that I do have this copy of myself, it's interesting to see life unfolding. All the things I swore I'd never do as a mom..I do. Or all the things I promised myself I'd never make my daughter learn..she's learning. And maybe that's why this photo hit me so hard when I saw it. Yes. It's a pretty picture. Nice mountain. Beautiful colors. Great setting. But dig deeper and you'll see what most parents see when looking at their children. A mountain. Not a literal mountain..but one that they will have to climb throughout their life. The mountain where all the learning and skills, teaching and growing happens. And then there's the girl. So true and unaware. So able to be molded into something..someone. And yet, she still takes time to stop and see the little things in life, like flowers.

I don't know..it just made me think of how right now..during the summer..I've spent so much time with my kids just having fun. Learning new things, exploring new places, getting to know each other. And soon, they will grow up and be doing all their 'life' on their own. And I wonder..have I prepared her enough for the climb? Is she going to be ready to face that mountain? Will she know that every step of the way, I'm cheering her on regardless of if she slips a little here and there? My hope is that she will look at that mountain..laugh at it..and take it one fantastic step at a time, enjoying all it has to offer. And at the top, I'll be there with arms wide open ready to hear all about the journey..

Just something to think about..
Until next time..