I'm a blog maniac tonight! Two posts within 5 minutes! Whew! Ok..so it's because I'm a slacker..not a maniac. Or..ok, either one works I guess. :D Anyway..just so you don't miss it..scroll down to read another post about a fantastic couple who were married just a week ago. :D

This post is dedicated to one heck of a great family. Some of you might know them through her photo blog, Photography by Angie. A little background before the photos. For a few months now, we've been trying to hook up with each other to have a photo swap. She'd take our family photos..I'd take hers. But everytime we thought we had it all worked out, something always got in the way. (Alright..I'll take the blame here. It was always something on my side of the deal that got in the way.) However..not this time. :D Nope..we were going to meet and finally do the photo swap. Let me just say..I love this family! They are so great! I'm so glad things worked out this time. Your little guys are awesome and their personalities got me laughing. Thanks for such a wonderful afternoon. Hopefully there will be many more to come. Oh, and by the way.."Cami no like to take pictures!!" (Sorry..inside joke. :D)

Whew! What a day! Thanks so much for everything. :D
Until next time..