I Do...

It's been a busy, BUSY week over here. And you know what? I'm so enjoying it! :D I've had the opportunity to meet several new people and capture a special moment for them with a camera. Thank you SO much for the kindness you've shown me. I appreciate it more then you know.

First off..a wedding. I love weddings! They always make me think back to my own wedding day. The cool thing about this one is that it was held at the same place I got married in almost 11 years ago. It was so cool to walk around and remember those wedding day feelings. Anyway..enough about me. On to the cute couple! :D

This couple is absolutely amazing! They are so fun and lively with a ton of spunk and laughter. Everyone was all smiles and laughs throughout the whole day. What a great group of people. Wow! I can't say enough! :D Thanks for the experience..here's your sneak peek. Hope you like them. :D

Aren't they just so...fun!? Seriously! Love their energy..
Congratulations you two. :D
Until next time..