***Edited: I have been getting some emails about not being able to see the photos to vote for..hopefully these new links will help. Let me know if they don't work. And again..THANKS EVERYONE! :D***

I posted this yesterday, but it's gone today. So, we'll try this again. Contests. I don't normally do these. Ok..so I've never done them. But lately I've been wanting to try my hand at it. Then one day, my sister in law called me and mentioned this contest. So, like an obedient person, I went ahead and entered. :D Ok. Scary! For me, this is huge! I like my little bubble. :D Have you ever just wanted to do something out of your comfort zone? A little freaky, a little exciting, a little..adhsfaf. Anyway, Just to humor me, here's the photos I've entered:

First pic:


Second Pic:


If you'd like to cast a vote for them, go ahead. :D Hmmmmm..if I do win anything..maybe all my photo friends can get some ice cream for their help. :D

Until next time...