Before my eyes..

It always amazes me how things change right before my eyes. I think I'm paying attention, but then I see that I wasn't. For example.. Take Fall. It happens SO fast. The colors. The vibrant air. It's gone before it really sinks in. I was able to go outside the other day. It was amazingly warm for being October, so I went out and walked around, taking photos of the fall colors. This tree was my favorite. I know, it's just the tippy top of the tree..but I love it. And look at that sky! Honestly, a perfect afternoon..

Then, I took this one..

Why is this something that changes before my eyes?? Because this little guy is now 7 months old. Last year at this time, I was pregnant. Huge pregnant and I still had a lot of time left before he was born. And now..here he is. My shadow in every way. I was rocking him the other night, thinking, "I still have time to get some detail shots of him. I still have time." And when I saw this photo..I realized that I don't. He won't be a 'baby' much longer. At first I was quite sad about this. But then I thought, "You know..with everything comes change." And this could be a very exciting change. All the fun of photographing his life unfold in front of me. I can't wait. So today..that's what I'm doing. Photographing my boys.

What changes do you suddenly see, but didn't yesterday?

Happy Fall, everyone! :D

Until next time..