Two posts in one day..I'm on a roll!! :D

This might be different from my other posts. Just bear with me. :)

The other night, I was reading on a friends blog. She recently experienced something tragic in her life...the passing of her sweet little girl. She was only 2 years old, and life will never be the same. Something I noticed about her words was that she wasn't negative. Not even slightly. I was completely impressed and amazed by that. After talking in great detail about the things she misses the most, the things she remembers, the things she holds on to every day...I sat there and wondered if I could be so positive after something so life changing. After her words there were pictures. The last pictures. Detail pictures. The things she wanted to always remember through photograph of her angel daughter.

My mind wandered. What are the details in my life that I hope I never forget about each of my children? It seems this past week has been one full of ups and downs. Everyone is sick..we're all cabin crazy..but reading this friends blog, I had to step back and put my life back in order. What are those special things I hope to never forget??

This afternoon, I took a few photos of some of them. More to come, I'm sure..

This is the new hiding spot for my little man. Now that he can crawl around, he likes to hide under the table with his little bottle, and hide from us. He thinks that because he can't see us, we can't see him. It's not until he looks out the corner of his eye and spots me that the real fun begins. From then on, it's a game of "who is faster..mommy or baby." And usually, it's him. :D But what a fun time we have. A detail I don't want to forget. Him. Hiding. Legs resting on the chair. Complete comfort.

This is another detail I don't want to forget. Tiny hands on the swing chain. I love how his fingers have their own shape and look. They're not long and slender, not nubby little cute fingers. They are his, and his alone. And I love that.

I am completely absorbed in this idea of capturing the details of everyday life. It's like this new light has come on in my head and I'm in a tornado trying to get them all before they pass me by. What are some of the little details in your life that you simply can't live without? Go and find them. Can't wait to see them. :D

Until next time..