Saying "goodbye" is never an easy thing. Saying goodbye to your grandma and papa after a weekend of fun is even harder. These were taken 2 weekends ago of my kiddos saying their goodbye's to my parents. I love these shots because they are so real, so 'them'. My little ones absolutely adore their grandparents, and vise-versa.

These photos got me thinking a little bit about the people I've ever had to say goodbye to, either for a long period of time, or for just a few hours. I've wondered 'if this was the last time..would they know how much I loved them?" I'm sure we've all had that thought, or similar ones, from time to time. It seems for me, this has been something on my mind a lot lately.

So I guess my little post today is not to make you depressed..but to hopefully get you to tell those people that you love them..just one more time. :D Goodbyes are never easy, ever. But they certainly are a little easier when you know it won't be long until your next visit.

(hmmm..this is making me sad, so how about a funny word contest. Whoever can think of the funniest word wins! I'll go first. My word is: Mush. What is mush? Why do we have mush? Alright..that wasn't funny. New word. Um....flush. That was from my son because I can't think of one right now. Weird how we rhyme. :D You're turn! )

Until next time...