Isn't that a funny word, Blurb. I love it, and I love saying it. :D (yep, it's official..I'M A NUT) What is a blurb? Well..it's this really cool book publishing company. You upload your photos, (drag and drop, my favorite), type your text, and Wah-la! You have a book. Ok, so there's a few more steps to it then that, but it's still pretty simple. Here..see for yourself. BLURB.COM

My parents anniversary is coming up next week, so a few months ago I decided to make them a book about their life starting from when they met, leading all the way up to present day. A few weeks ago, I got the finished copy back and this past weekend I gave it to them. Let me just say..if you want to see waterworks, make one of these books for a gift. Here are a few photos just so you get an idea of what you can do. (Oh, um, excuse the photos. They were taken while rushed, and in a hotel before saying goodbye to my parents. Never a good time for photos.)

Here are 2 of the inside pages. See..you can have full page photos, small photos, text..anything!

Here is the back cover..

The book flaps (and I just learned that you can have the picture wrap around the book instead of having flaps. Sweeeet!)

And the front cover..

Love these books.
Until next time...