Happy Birthday!!

Yep, today's the day the teddy bears come out to play! (did anyone elses' mom every say that to you on your birthday?) Today is my older brothers' birthday. Neener, neener! You'll always be older then me. Hee hee. I hope it's a wonderful day for you. (you'll have to excuse the clothes and hair in the above photos..I take no responsibility for the way I was dressed. :D Ha!)

It's awesome. Having brothers. I have 2. And when I look at my daughter, she'll have 2 brothers also. I use to want sisters, but you know, I'm pretty happy with my brothers. My older brother means the world to me. When we were younger, we were partners in crime. Now that we're older, we're..ok, so we're still partners in crime. We just include my younger brother in all the crime..I mean..fun. :D

A memory of my brother for his special day: After dinner, crawling under the table and 'fixing' it with our forks. We had great fixing skills. You'd be surprised what a fork can fix!

Happy Birthday!! I love you!

Until next time..